Self-Help Tips for Restless Legs Syndrome

Published: 06th May 2008
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Restless legs syndrome is a kind of disorder characterized by sensory symptoms and disturbances of limbs. This condition is much more unbearable during night when one is at rest. It is estimated more than 10% of Americans suffer from restless legs syndrome, the frequency of onset being the same for both women and men. It may occur at any period from, from infancy to old age, but is more common among the middle-aged population.

Restless legs syndrome can have primary or secondary causes, and different treatments should be applied to different cases depending on their causes. For a primary-caused condition, a cure may be difficult, though taking medication can be a great help. Natural treatment for restless legs syndrome, which can alleviate the pain and make suffers feel more comfortable, is also an option.

During their daily lives, sufferers should try to avoid fluctuations in moods or stress, or the symptoms of this condition may worsen. For conditions having a secondary cause, iron deficiency is the main culprit as it can result in peripheral neuropathy. Theoretically, if restless legs syndrome results from a secondary condition, this is more easily cured than if it results from a primary one. Either way, the symptoms are the same: an irritating sensation in legs and an excessive urge to move. Commonly, people suffering from restless legs syndrome often have trouble sleeping as the legs move uncontrollably, with accompanying severe pains. Sufferers have no choice but to get up and walk around in order to relieve the pain and discomfort.

Self-Help Tips for RLS

Although no cure for restless legs syndrome currently exists, different treatments can help one manage the condition and alleviate the various kinds of discomfort. This article has mentioned some tips which may help you deal with the syndrome, depending on individual symptoms and the severity. Above all, if you are familiar with the symptoms mentioned above, it is imperative for you to consult a physician for a check up. If not diagnosed promptly, the condition may worsen or cause other complications.

At bedtime, maybe it is difficult for you to fall asleep with the consistent pains. So before you go to bed, walking or jogging for a few minutes would help relieve discomfort. When you are in bed, stretch your legs, do knee bends, rotate your ankles or massage your legs, just relax. Or you can apply ice bandages to wrap your legs. During the day, take some exercise regularly. Moreover, reduce caffeine, alcohol and tobacco consumption, particularly in the evenings. And lastly, the most important thing is take iron supplements for low iron levels. Restless legs syndrome can be the initial manifestation of iron deficiency, therefore supplementation with Iron often helps. Natural treatment of restless legs syndrome is just this kind of supplement containing iron, vitamins and minerals which are essential for nerve and muscle function, more importantly, is really helpful for restless legs syndrome treatment.

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