Treat a Breast Cyst Naturally

Published: 16th July 2008
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Women aged 30 to 50, as well as women approaching menopause, are said to have a higher incidence of breast cysts than women of other ages. Breast cysts can easily be viewed with an ultrasound, and are often visible from the outside. In order to avoid unnecessary anxiety or physical pain, it is best to check your breasts for cysts sooner rather than later. What are breast cysts? Simply put, they are sacs that are filled with fluid, and collect in the breast area. Breasts cysts can differ in size and shape, varying in size from that of a pinhead to that of a walnut. The fluid inside the cyst can also vary in terms of consistency. Breasts cysts may also vary in terms of color, appearing yellow, green, or blue-black.

The Causes of Breast Cysts
Currently, doctors do not have much information about the causes of breast cysts( It has been suggested that breast cysts result from hormone imbalances. Breast cysts may cause alarm or worries about cancer; however, they are usually benign. Even so, it is a good idea for all breast cysts to be examined by a doctor.

Natural Treatment of Breast Cysts(
To get rid of breast cysts, surgery normally is not necessary. Traditionally, clinics treat breast cysts by draining or aspirating them. However, these days even these practices may be able to be avoided. Natural treatment for breast cysts, i.e. taking vitamin supplements, may be equally effective and successful in eliminating breast cysts. Vitamin supplements work by regulating the body's hormone levels, imbalances of which can result in breast cysts.

Natural Brest Cyst Supplements
Natural breast treatment( can include evening primrose oil and vitamin E taken as supplements along with a healthy diet. Evening primrose oil is useful for the fatty acid GLA it offers, which is necessary for fighting inflammation, pain relief, and general natural treatment for breast cysts. Along with evening primrose oil, vitamin E has also been found to have similar effects. These two supplements should be taken along with a balanced diet.

Perhaps a Vitamin, Rather than Hormonal, Imbalance is to Blame

Vitamin B6 has also been recommended by doctors as a natural treatment that can help reduce the size of breast cysts. To prevent breast cysts from taking shape, pyridoxine-vitamin B6 is necessary. Discomfort from breast cysts can often be minimized by just taking these vitamins and supplements for 10 to 15 days. The B vitamin complex is often recommended as an essential complex of vitamins for optimal performance of the body.

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